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Key Features

This app is a must have for all guinea pig owners, it helps you understand what your guinea pig diet should contain and how to care for your piggies.
The app has decision support tools to help you prepare meal plans, keep an eye on your guinea pig’s health and more.


A huge database of 250+ vegetables that your guinea pigs can eat along with other food items that they shouldn’t eat


A collection of tips and how-tos written by experienced owners and vets that help new owners with the basics


A feature that allows you to create a profile for each of your piggies where you can track their weight, vet visits and other details

Meal Planner

A smart planner that would create weekly meal plans for your guinea pigs based on the vegetables you’d like to use

Coming up: Shop

Buy Hay, Pellets, Bedding, Cages, Toys and other stuff from suppliers near you and get them shipped to your doorstep

Coming up: Chat

A moderated chat with other guinea pig members, share photos of your piggies, ask questions, and connect with your local community

Coming up: Rescues Support

Discover local rescues around you and support them by donating or buying guinea pigs and supplies

Coming up: Q&A

Access a large database of questions and answers made and rated by the community


Where do we get our data from and how do we know that it is accurate?

We don't list any food item in the app unless we know for certain that the data we have around it, such as frequency, is safe and accurate. We have and still are reaching out to veterenrians and rescues to help us verify the data, they go through each food item in our database and give us feedback, through their feedback we modify our data and add new information to it. For each food item in our database, you would be able to see in the app who verified that item.

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App available for IPhone and Android